Dear Caregivers:

We wish to thank you for putting your faith and trust in Educarer, Inc. to provide you with quality infant and toddler caregiver education for nearly twenty years. Our training Certifications for SIDS / SUID and SBS / AHT have been earned by persons employed in about 30 U.S. states in a variety of professions as well as both home and professional environments. This email is our notification to you that Educarer, Inc., a 501(C)3 nonprofit, will no longer be accepting payments for caregiver certifications as we are terminating our services to the public as of today. We are proud to have been able to provide these services to the many thousands of individuals who have been concerned about the safety and welfare of all children. We have enjoyed our relationship with you, but we now look forward to the freedom of retirement!

With high regard for you and the devotion of your love to children.

Phyllis and Bob Porter