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Aron, Elaine N., Ph.D. The Highly Sensitive Person. New York: Broadway Books, 1996.
'The Highly Sensitive Person'
	ORDER NOW You might wonder why this book is listed as suggested reading for parents. It is estimated that 20% of our population is Highly Sensitive. How did they get that way? Obviously, they began as infants. Aron beautifully explains the traits of the HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) and gives good advice on how to parent them.

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Baldwin, Sue The Playful Adult: 500 Ways to Lighten Your Spirit and Tickle Your Soul. Stillwater, MN: Insights Training and Consulting, .
'The Playful Adult'
When was the last time you put cares aside and just had fun playing? Sue Baldwin has written "The Playful Adult" for the purpose of helping us do just this. I have often thought that too many adults have forgotten the joyfulness of childhood, or perhaps they had never experienced it. They think because they are adults, they must play adult games which are often more serious than playful. Sue presents us with over 500 ways to have fun playing. The best part is that most of the suggestions are FREE, using regular items found in most homes.

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Berends, Polly Berrien.Whole Child/Whole Parent. New York: Harper & Row, 1987.
'Whole Child/Whole Parent'
	ORDER NOWM.Scott Peck says in his foreword of this book, "The best book I know on the psychology of child raising... because it reveals the essence of what human beings are all about." This book complements the teachings of Magda Gerber and Maria Montessori and urges parents to slow down and "follow the child". It is also a valuable resource for Infant Educarers.

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Brazelton, T. Berry, M.D. & Cramer, Bertrand G., M.D. The Earliest Relationship: Parents, Infants, and the Drama of Early Attachment. New York: Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., Inc., 1990.
'The Earliest Relationship'
	ORDER NOWThis book covers infancy through the eyes of both a pediatrician and an infant psychiatrist. It compiles recent research about attachment and leads right through to assessment and intervention. Essential reading for professionals who work with infants and their families.

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Brazelton, T. Berry, M.D. & Greenspan, Stanley I., M.D. The Irreducible Needs of Children: What Every Child Must Have to Grow, Learn, and Flourish. Cambridge, MA: Perseus Publishing, 2000.
'The Irreducible Needs of Children'
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These authors have written a book that should make us all sit up and take notice! These authors are espousing a philosophy of child-raising that should be adopted nationwide. Your "expectations" will determine how you value its message. It is a much broader parenting book than the "How to Change a Diaper" book.
Our leaders: legislators, judges, CEOs, policy makers and all of us caring for children need to carefully consider the points made by these two experts. This is a disturbing book. It strongly urges all people in our culture to make these essential child-raising changes for the betterment of all children. Stop for a moment and think about the path our culture is presently traveling with regard to our interpersonal relationships.
Then, . . . READ THIS BOOK!
This book is capable of repairing our culture's fractured foundations and putting our "leaders" on the right path towards solving the multitude of problems present amongst many of our young people today.
Brazelton, T. Berry, M.D. Touchpoints: Your Child's Emotional and Behavioral Development. Addison-Wesley Publishing Co., 1992.
	ORDER NOWDr. Brazelton has coined the term "touchpoint" to mean a new developmental skill that an infant is trying to master. He explains the fussiness of infants when they reach touchpoints and gives helpful suggestions for coping. He is, as always, very pragmatic in his approach to child-caring. This book is a MUST for all parents and Educarers.

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Briggs, Dorothy Corkille. Your Child's Self-Esteem. New York: Doubleday, 1970.
'Your Child's Self-Esteem'
	ORDER NOWDon't let the date of this book mislead you. It is an excellent guide for parents raising children from infancy through the teen years. However, much of the advice is appropriate for all ages, adults and children alike. The practical suggestions are organized according to developmental stages. Therefore, the book remains useful for many years. Subjects covered are: The Climate of Love, The Journey of Self, Negative Feelings and Self-Esteem, Discipline and Self-Esteem, Mental Growth and Self- Esteem, and Sex and Self-Esteem. Following these guidelines will aid in raising healthy functioning children.

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Butler, Shelley & Kratz, Deb. The Field Guide to Parenting: A Comprehensive Handbook of Great Ideas, Advice, Tips and Solutions for Parenting Children Ages One to Five. Worcester, MA: Chandler House Press, 1999.
'Field Guide to Parenting'
With all the parenting books on the market, how does one decide which to purchase? The Field Guide to Parenting includes advice from many sources. It enables readers to compare parenting methods and choose what is best for their families. As a handbook, it is organized to give you fast results while being comprehensive.

Butler and Kratz have written an easily understood section on child development for the years one through five, including appropriate activities for each age.

Part Two, nearly 400 pages alone, covers nearly sixty major concerns of parents - from anger to whining and everything in between. Topic areas include: description, realistic expectations, approaches to take, and vast amounts of information for when and where to get more help (e.g., books, articles, brochures, government, national organizations, websites and videos, etc.).  "Cover to Cart"! 

Chamberlain, David, Ph. D. The Mind of Your Newborn Baby. Berekely, CA: North Atlantic Books, 1998.
'The Mind of Your Newborn'
	ORDER NOWThis is a republication of Babies Remember Birth written by Dr. Chamberlain in 1988. It includes a "Tenth Anniversary Perspective" covering the most recent research regarding infants and their memories. There is much available now to link very early events (from conception to age 3) with either violent or responsible behavior in adults. This book makes us aware that it is time for all of us to work together to assure that all people have a nurturing start in life. The quality of life in the 2000's depends on this important factor. This book will enlighten you about many of the abilities and capabilities of infants. Those planning on becoming parents would benefit from Dr. Chamberlain's perspective on newborns.

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Clarke, Jean Illsley, M.A. Growing Up Again: Parenting Ourselves, Parenting Our Children. Center City, MN: Hazelden, 1998.
'Growing Up Again'
	ORDER NOW Co-authored with Connie Dawson, this second edition has helped many parents not only better nurture their children, but also themselves. Jean is our present Guest Columnist, whose co-pioneering research into overindulgence, jointly with Dr. David Bredehoft, appears on our Guest Column page. The book is dedicated to the authors' children and grandchildren . . . for "being who they are, and for inadvertently pushing us to figure out our lives" . . . with which most parents will probably identify. We, as parents, learn "who" we are and "how" we have become by raising our own children, and hence, "grow up again". The book helps us understand how our needs as a developing human being contributed then and now to our hungers, and hence motivation. New sections on adoption, overindulgence and helpful affirmations for growth.

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Cline, Foster M.D. & Fay, Jim. Parenting With Love and Logic: Teaching Children Responsibility. Colorado Springs: Pinion Press, 1990.
'Parenting With Love and Logic'
	ORDER NOWThis book presents a logical method for handling most of the problems that occur in raising children. However, several of the ideas about discipline are controversial and NOT approved by this critic. The main premise of this book is that by giving choices and letting children live with the consequence of their choices, children will learn responsibility. The suggestions are practical and easy to follow. This is a good discussion book.

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Ehrensaft, Diane, Ph.D. Spoiling Childhood: How Well-Meaning Parents are Giving Children Too Much - But Not What They Need. The Guildford Press: New York. 1999.
'Spoiling Childhood'
	ORDER NOW This book provides much "food for thought" for parents who truly want to do what's best for their children. We have approached this subject in our "Sensitize Yourself" article. On our Guest Column page Jean Illsley Clarke provides the results of research into the topic of overindulgence. This book's author, Diane Ehrensaft lets us see the fallacy of giving too much freedom, material goods, and empty praise to our children in place of setting limits and giving guidance, time and love. It's an informative read.

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Fogel, Alan. Infancy: Infant, Family, and Society. St. Paul, MN: West Publishing Co., 1997.
'Infancy: Infant Family and Society'
	ORDER NOWThis is the text book to use when studying infant development. Fogel includes the latest in infant studies and research. The book is well organized and includes psychological and sociological articles in conjunction with physical development. This book is a must for all who interact with infants.

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Gerber, Magda. Dear Parent: Caring for Infants With Respect. Los Angeles: Resources for Infant Educarers (R.I.E.), 1998.
'Dear Parent: Caring for Infants with Respect' 
	ORDER NOWThis book provides many reassuring words about caring for an infant. It literally takes the stress out of parenting babies and lets one discover the joy of observing each new stage of development.

While in Los Angeles studying at R.I.E., I honed my skills of observing babies and am a firm believer in the childcare philosophy presented here. This book is a must have for new parents, expectant parents and grandparents. It is a "quick read" that lasts forever.

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Gerber, Magda & Johnson, Allison. Your Self-Confident Baby: How to Encourage Your Child's Natural Abilities - From the Very Start. New York:John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998.
'Your Self-Confident Baby'
	ORDER NOWHave you ever felt guilty about not doing enough for your infant or not buying enough for him/her? Magda Gerber very gently shows us a "less is best" approach to infant care. She gives specific ways to let your child "self-develop". This method leads to a peaceful household. Infancy is a miniscule part of a person's life and yet so much important development occurs during this phase. Why rush this process? For more information about Magda Gerber, you will find a link to her website, Resources for Infant Educarers (R.I.E.), on our external links page.

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Glasser, Howard N., M.A. & Easley, Jennifer L., M.A. Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach. Nashville, Tennessee: Vaughan Printing, 1998.
'Transforming the Difficult Child'
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This website, owned by Educarer, Inc., supports the teachings of both Magda Gerber and Maria Montessori which center on respect for the child. Quite often, when there is a difficult child in the family, it becomes increasingly hard for parents to treat him / her with respect. In fact, we are often amazed at the words that do come out of our mouths in stressful interactions with children.

The Nurtured Heart Approach brings us back to a respectful means of living with difficult children. Not only does it turn around the child's behavior, it also brings peace and a new sense of self-esteem to the parent(s) and teacher. One must make a commitment to the method to bring about success. It is well worth the effort.

Tina Feigal, our Guest Columnist, has several articles on this website that provide a deeper look into this new way to bring peace into the home and classroom. Society clearly needs more of what the Nurtured Heart Approach provides!

Goleman, Daniel. Emotional Intelligence. New York:Bantam Books, 1995.
'Emotional Intelligence'
	ORDER NOWGoleman gives us insight into another "intelligence" - one that has been widely ignored in our culture until recently. His coverage of the development of both empathy and social abilities is important reading for parents who value the emotional intelligence of their child.

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Honig, Alice Sterling, Ph.D. Secure Relationships: Nurturing Infant/Toddler Attachment in Early Settings. Washington, D.C.: NAEYC, 2002.
'Secure Relationships'
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Alice Sterling Honig has been active in the field of infant development for many years. She is a prolific author and directs the annual, national Quality Infant / Toddler Caregiving Workshop at Syracuse University each summer.

Secure Relationships, discusses the important topic of attachment theory. There has been much research about this theory and yet many caregivers are unaware of its significance to the success of the child in later life. Honig has presented this theory in layperson's terms. She displays concrete examples in many situations that would normally leave both parents and caregivers tongue-tied. Above all, she presents strong support for building secure attachments between all children and their significant caregivers. This book is highly recommended.

Horner, William. The Last Dance is Mine. Montreal / Toronto: Optimum Publishing, 1992.
'The Last Dance is Mine'
	Click for Ordering Info Bill and Esther Horner are "special friends" of the owners of this website. There are a limited number of copies remaining of Bill's exciting autobiography.

In his book, Bill Horner, a Canadian hard-rock miner who was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis in 1975, presents a touching portrayal of the difficult road to acceptance that faced him after his diagnosis -- acceptance, not only of his MS, but his myriad of life changes: divorce from his childhood sweetheart, his (temporary) loss of identity, disciplinary problems with his children -- that he faced over the years. Ironically, perhaps the best thing about this book is that Bill is not himself a professional writer. Reading his book is like sitting down at coffee with a friend who gently philosophizes about his fascinating life story. Although the book begins with a scene in an emergency room where Bill was treated after attempted suicide, it is not a story of despair. On the contrary, it is a story of hope and triumph over despair.
Bill Horner doesn't downplay the hardship of chronic illness, he doesn't claim to have found the secret of acceptance overnight. What he does is honestly portray his journey to acceptance as difficult and frustrating -- and full of surprises, both good and bad.
The book's several appendixes offer questions and answers with a noted neurologist as well as other books about multiple sclerosis. (This book available privately only!)

Kaplan, Louise J. Ph.D. Oneness and Separateness: From Infant to Individual. New York:Simon & Schuster Inc., 1978.
'Oneness and Separateness: From Infant to Individual'
	ORDER NOWHeavy reading but very rewarding. Kaplan discusses the psychological growth of the young child. Her explanation of toddlerhood is the best and most complete that this critic has read. If you are struggling through the problems of that stage, this book will assist a lot.

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