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The Nurtured Heart Approach
Testimonials to NHA
(See Tina Feigal's bio below)

A few testimonials Tina Feigal, M.S. has received from satisfied coaching clients / training participants:

"We continue to do well with the nurtured heart approach, in fact, I can't imagine our family without it now! Based on our family's experience the nurtured heart approach is capable of creating change that goes much deeper than just the behaviors we are targeting. The changes we have experienced really go to the core of our being and they are healing for the entire family. Prior to using the nurtured heart approach, my husband and I had no model to use for giving our children consistent, positive reinforcement. It sounds simple enough but it was never used with us as children so we were struggling.

Now, we not only have a model, but we see the healing happen within our selves and our children. We've learned that using this approach is a process and can't be rushed. We still have good days and days we feel that we've totally regressed to "the old ways". For the most part though, our approach is changed forever and we have experienced a true "transformation".

More importantly, medication, negative reinforcement, and all the other suggestions that have been given to us for dealing with difficult behaviors, have not been necessary. We knew we didn't want them but until now, had nothing to replace them with.

Thanks Tina for all your support. We are now spreading the word about this approach to anyone who will listen!"
-From B.& E. Neu

"It was very informative and energizing to meet with you and (the parent of one of my students), to listen to someone who believes parents and teachers can "transform" a child who has a pattern we can see is leading to trouble, but we're spending most of our time just working around him, not having a plan to really try to change him. I began reading the book today and telling the three assistants I work with about the basics, and hope to share lots more. I'll be in touch."
-From an elementary special education teacher

"I met Tina when she was presenting a workshop at the Children's Mental Health conference. I received individual consultation from Tina as I learned to apply the techniques. I have found this approach to be extremely effective in my role as a parent, in my role as a school social worker, and in general, in any relationship I have with a child. Tina's enthusiastic encouragement has inspired me to find creative ways to put this approach into action. Her gentle confrontation and use of stories as metaphors further enhanced my ability to learn and apply the techniques. She constantly reframed children's behavior, guided me into a new perspective, and supported me in my efforts to expand my skills. Her unfailing belief in the inherent value and goodness in every child is contagious to parents and professionals."
-From a parent and school social worker/coaching client

The past week and-a-half, Evan has made a major turn-around in school and (his teacher) Krista has really noticed it. What a milestone Evan has accomplished. We just wanted to send you a quick thank you for all of your help and to give you some good news on his progress. We will keep in touch. I think it is important for parents to get the "real life" view of Dr. Glasser's approach and the effectiveness in using a parent/teacher coach.
-From a parent coaching client

"I so wish you could have been here today. I tried some of the techniques you talked about last night on my little munchkins who have a hard time following directions. Thanks for your time last night. I was touched."
-From a kindergarten teacher who attended one of Tina's Nurtured Heart Approach presentations

"While quite puzzled at first, our 10 year old absolutely blossomed with the use of the methods developed by Howard Glasser. While the book itself was effective in getting reasonably fast and positive results, attending the presentation was all the more helpful and provided tactics, ideas, and examples to make the program an even greater success. We had almost given up. I thought it was too late to break old habits!"
-From a satisfied parent

"D.P. is doing great now...what worked to help him do so well? LOTS and LOTS and LOTS of The Nurtured Heart Approach. Nancy and I spell words to each other so that the children do not hear what we are saying. More and more, D.P. says the words we are spelling. What a joy to hear when he does that! Thanks for being there for us!"
-From proud parents/coaching clients

Tina: Well I can imagine that you have wondered how things are going here in N. California with Alan, Josh and myself. After having a guest for over five weeks, the holidays, back to school and Josh's 13th birthday, we are getting back in the saddle. We had our challenges over the holidays, hard to keep going with NH Approach, but the whole system is paying off. He keeps track of points, spends them on privileges, even buys special items with them. Still some arguing, but on the most part we are very pleased. His grades have come up, his co-operation, shifting in what he wants to do with his points and general good natured most of the time. The sun is just coming out, so he is very social with skate boarding right now and he and dad are having a much better time on the tennis court. They decided to add the approach onto the court. So, for now, we are using our sessions with you in fruitful ways. We will stay in touch. Also past (sic) this on to my hairdresser who has kids and there was just too much yelling going on. She is blown away with the results. If I had more time I would train with Howard and have someone here in N. California, which I am sure there is not. Go ahead (and share my comments). I am a grand supporter of passing it around. We all need to feel like we are connected these days. Another great line for me is "Yes, Mother!" Simple, yet profound. I am sure we have plenty more, but I think you get the flavor of the rich fabric of activity in our home.
-From the parents of a new teenager/coaching clients

About the term "Difficult Child":
Many people have wondered why I refer to the children as "difficult." I have the very same reservations about labeling them in this way, which is why I never use the term "difficult child" in conversation or writing. The reason I named my business the MN Center for the Difficult Child is that it makes what I offer immediately identifiable to people who need my services. So I keep this name, knowing that when a parent or teacher hears it, they think, "Now there's what I need." It just wouldn't be so readily accessible with another name. Please know that even with that name, I honor and cherish challenging, vigorous, full-of-life children and the adults in their lives. Thank you!

'Transforming the Difficult Child'

Transforming the Difficult Child: The Nurtured Heart Approach
 by Howard Glasser.

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Tina Feigal's background
Tina Feigal is a former school psychologist who now trains and coaches parents and professionals in applying the principles of The Nurtured Heart Approach. The approach is a set of highly effective techniques used to help intense children, ages 3-18, to gain control of their behavior and to see themselves as successful. Tina was trained and authorized by Howard Glasser to share ideas with adults on ways to bring out the best in intense children. Tina holds workshops for groups, and phone coaching sessions for couples and individuals, who want to hone their skills in applying the approach. Tina is also a parent, whose second of three sons went through a period of opposition and defiance related to a serious illness. He is now a graduate student in counseling psychology and living a full, productive and successful life.

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